The Club

Life Vice Presidents - John Motson OBE, Roger Jones, Jonathan Lang

Club Secretary - Paul Johnson

Treasurer - Jason McHenry

Kit Man - Steve O’Loughlin

1st Team Captain - Clive Beal

1st Team Vice Captains -

2nd Team Captain - James Maynard

2nd team Vice Captains - Colin Watts and Simon Beedie

Vet’s Team Captain - Paul Johnson

Vet’s Team Vice Captains - Tony Mullen, Jamie Connors and Gary King

Club's History

Roving Reporters were formed in 1965 by three local newspaper journalists among them John Motson who went on to become BBC Television's number one soccer commentator and who today is a Life Vice president of the club.

The Club played its first fixture in August 1965 and as there was no local Sunday league in existence these were only friendlies.
In 1966 The Barnet Sunday League was formed and Roving Reporters were founder members of this and are the only Club still in existence to this day.
In 1967 a reserve team was added and then in 2017 having 2 teams running for 51 years a 3rd Team has been added in form of a Vets team and they play in the veteran’s division of the Barnet Sunday league alongside the first and second team.

John Motson

John played for the club in the early seasons while employed by the Barnet Press, before re-locating to Sheffield to work for the Sheffield Morning Telegraph in 1967. He joined BBC Radio 2 in 1968 as a sports presenter and that followed a move to Match of the Day in 1971. In 2018 John decided to retire from the BBC leaving behind 50 years and on top of his many achievements, accolades, sporting events and memories he’s picked up an OBE and a Bafta for his services.

John has retained his link with the Club he Co-founded and all 3 founders are proud to be named Life Vice Presidents of Roving Reporters FC and he still attends the annual tour in Bournemouth and presentation evenings.

Roger Jones

Roger Co-founded with John and has been a driving force in keeping the Club going. As well as being the Club Secretary for many years and playing right up to the late 1980’s amassing a then record of 656 appearances.

In 1973 Roger also founded Roving Reporters Cricket Club and this is still running to this very day.

Cricket Club:

Jonathan Lang

Jonathan was working for the Finchley press which was a Rival to the Barnet Press. When he, Roger and John Motson met while covering Finchley Football Club and they embarked on forming Roving Reporters in the summer of 1965. Jonathan was the First Club Secretary of RRFC and went on to work in journalism at Cambridge and Lincoln before moving to Sheffield where he still lives today and is a lifelong Barnet FC supporter.

Special mentions go to Past Club Secretaries Vince Philpot, Pete and Kirsty Drury and Gary King.

Club Secretary

Paul Johnson nickname ‘Johno’ first made his debut in August 2000 starting off in the reserves and then eventually breaking his way into the First Team, where he formed a relationship with Matt Philpott who some would say was the best central defence pairing the Club has had to this day. Through the Years Paul played continually for the first team and then dropped down into the 2nd team when in the season of 2016/2017 sustained a double break in the first game. He then decided to manage the 2’s for that season and then take the role of Club Secretary for the 2017/2018 season and was instrumental in getting the Vets team up and running and pushing the Club forward and getting up to date with today’s world. He still currently plays for the Vets and has amassed so far over 350 appearances and 77 goals and some say holds a Club Record for scoring in 14 consecutive games for the Club.


Jason McHenry is the Clubs treasurer and the heaviest drinker out of all of us. He also has one of the best left foot this Club has seen. In between his Bergkamp tricks and turns and stunning left foot goals, Jason manages all of the Clubs accounts and keep tracks on players Debt and Credit throughout the season. And ensures the Club finances are up to date and running efficiently and is self-sustainable season on season. Jason who still plays for the Vets has amassed over 350 appearances and 75 goals.

Kit Manager

Steve O’Loughlin joined the club in 1985 and has played continually mostly in the 2nd team since then. After a settling in period of 27 years he eventually joined the management committee and takes charge of looking after all the Kit and Equipment for all 3 teams and recording the Club stats. Steveo also known as ‘Happy Steve’ is also the eldest of all the players and still plays in the Vets Team and is closing in on 800 appearances.

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